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Normal wiping is okay. Use a damp cloth to wipe the area you want to clean.

Ideally, you store it hanging or with a dust bag when not in use.  

Leather cream or conditioner are also safe to apply. Note that if your region is very humid do this as seldom as possible. This step keeps leather supple and beautiful and prevents it from stiffening and cracking.

You can clean your custom painted art piece with soapy water as the paint is waterproof (but your bag might not be).




Normal hand wash and machine wash is okay. 


Do not scratch.

Do not iron.

Do not clean with acetone or alcohol.

Do not store the bag in direct sunlight.

Make sure you don’t store two custom handbags with the paint touching.

* Taking a little extra time to keep your custom handbag clean will keep it looking beautiful for years into the future.

** If you have any specific questions about your art piece, you may contact me via WhatsApp (+971) 504495028 or email ( Not all materials reacts the same to the paint and environment, there are materials that are naturally more durable than others. Give me all the details I need so I can always offer custom advice.  

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